The idea grows to give the Umayamnon their own online shop

Tribal Handicrafts from Bukidnon


We, that's my wife Gerlinda (Gerlyn) and me, her hubby, know most of these tribe people already for long. We see them, when we visit the GARDENS OF MALSAG & ECO VILLAGE. Once we had a gathering with friends after a canyon an river trek with a bonfire and b-b-q and another time, the celebrated a ritual for us with eating together the sacrificed native chicken.

They craft from glass beads, nito and abaca wonderful handicrafts. So, we got the idea to help them marketing their handicrafts with an additional online shop to their souvenir shop.

Here we have three women, Mercy, Wilma, and Evangeline from the tribe of UMAYAMNON.



Tribal Handicrafts from Bukidnon

Tribal Handicrafts from BukidnonBukidnon


Next, when we saw Mercy while on our morning walk, we talked about it. We agreed, to meet the following week just for some photo and video shooting. To photograph the products had to wait, since the ordered light room has not been delivered yet and was postponed to the following week.


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